Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore

Gadgets and Art at Innovative Design Gallery

Red Dot Design Museum will make you look at everyday objects in a different light. Taking the mystery out of innovations that make our life easier and exploring some of the more unusual gizmos and gadgets, it is easy to spend an hour or so here. Although it’s a fairly small gallery, the spectrum of design is large and varied; everything from advertising posters, packaging, computers to household appliances.

The museum really stands out like a bright tomato-red building to the west of Singapore’s Chinatown. The concept started in 1955, when awards were first given out for product design. Given that Asia is such a hub for creativity and design with so many growing markets, it made sense to also host a permanent exhibition here. There are only two in the world; the other is in Essen, Germany.

The items range from the obvious to the absurd, but that is part of the fun. There are objects designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities: pregnancy tests for blind people, elevated bath tubs and special taps for those with only one arm. Not all of the items are on show due to the lack of space, but there are plenty of interactive displays. With the rise of ‘green living’, the environmental award has become very popular and includes Herbow – a small tray that allows people to grow vegetables on a window shelter. With over twenty categories that are plenty of fun objects too, a crib shaped like a mother’s womb that replicates the sounds the baby would hear inside before birth, and shoes suitable for both hot and rainy weather. They look a bit ridiculous but would be very handy in Singapore!


As well as the museum itself, there is also a map for a walking tour around Singapore’s design hotspots, including shops and innovations around the city. Admission is 8SGD for adults and 4SGD for children. The best time to visit is during MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) which happens on the evening of the first Friday of every month. Not only is entry free but you can also explore the MAAD artist and design stalls. If you feel that your life is lacking that ideal gadget after visiting the gallery then be sure to check out the shop on the ground floor, where you will find plenty of quirky and useful objects for sale.

Red Dot Traffic in Singapore
Red Dot Traffic in Singapore
View from the roof
View from the roof
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View with Alfa Spider
Interior View with Alfa Spider
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View

Red Dot Design Museum

Opening Hours: Mon - Tue & Fri 11:00 – 18:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 20:00 (closed every Wed & Thu)
MRT: Chinatown
Address: 28 Maxwell Road (red dot traffic), Singapore 069120
Tel: +65 6327 8027
Price Range: Entrance: 8 SGD for adults and 4 SGD for children

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