Marina Bay Sands


Sampan Rides

Originated from China in the early 17th century, Sampans were used by the local community as a mode of transportation along the Singapore River. The native craft was used for ferrying passengers between ships at anchorage to various landing jetties and also used along coastal areas for fishing activity.

At The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, a Sampan ride will take on a unique & luxurious twist.

Where else in the world could you take a break from an indulgent day of shopping by idly drifting downstream on a boat ride? Surrender to the whimsical pleasure of a relaxing, unhurried cruise down the canal in one of our beautifully crafted sampans!

The word “Sampan” originated from the Chinese word “Sanpan” meaning “boat”, san means “three” and pan means “board”. The official English and Malay translations describe the Sampan as “Small Boat” which is usually made up of at least three planks or pine boards.

Sampans became a cultural symbol of Singapore and could be seen in great quantities along the Singapore River in the early '80s. Representative of the heyday of economic activities at the Singapore River, where local Chinese workers known as the “coolies”, carried heavy sacks of rice, onions and spices on the Sampans to unload into the wharfs and wooden piers.

The Sampan's main route, The Singapore River is the most important and historical river in Singapore. It flows into the downtown core of the city before emptying into the Marina Bay. The local community considers this section, now known as “Boat Quay,” an auspicious point as it resembles the full belly of the carp.

Marina Bay Sands Art Path

The captivating Marina Bay Sands Art Path comprises a collection of spectacular art installations that were commissioned to integrate with Moshe Safdie’s extraordinary architecture. These large-scale pieces will create shapes, moods and interior spaces and will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to visually and physically experience such large-scale artwork.

The site-specific works are positioned to create an inspiring and breathtaking path through the Marina Bay Sands site. This is one of the largest art commissions ever completed as part of an integrated architectural process - all with internationally renowned artists including Antony Gormley and Ned Kahn.

The Museum

Designed as a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests from across the globe, the lotus-shaped Museum at Marina Bay Sands is set to become a premier destination for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world.

Embracing a spectrum of influences from the relationship between art & science, to media & technology, to design & architecture, this unique structure will feature over 60,000 square feet of galleries, both permanent and touring exhibitions that will inspire visitors from the region and beyond.

Located at the Marina Bay waterfront, visitors will appreciate the iconic architecture of the building, the world-class exhibits hosted within, and the museum’s innovative roof, which channels rainwater through the central atrium of the building as a waterfall.


Marina Bay Sands will be home to two spectacular, state-of-the-art theatres offering a line-up of must-see headline acts from around the world.

From Classical to Pop to Broadway to Cabaret, our theaters will showcase Asia’s most comprehensive variety of international and local performers and programs.

The Broadway hit The Lion King will debut in Sands Theatre, with Le Theatre presenting shorter-run shows such as concerts, award ceremonies and gala events.

With almost 4000 seats, the theatres at Marina Bay Sands will energize the entertainment scene in Singapore and provide world-class performances to satisfy both young and old.