Singapore Nightlife

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  • Chinatown Nightlife

    Chinatown Nightlife

    Nightlife in Chinatown offers something a little bit different to other areas in the city; step into any of the quirky independent bars, restaurants and clubs in this historic Read More...

  • Central Business District (CBD) Nightlife

    CBD Nightlife

    Consisting roughly of Orchard Road, the Riverside and a chunk of Chinatown the Central Business District is dotted with pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants. Read More...

  • Orchard Road Nightlife

    Orchard Road Nightlife

    This famous shopping belt also harbours some great clubs. For a touch of soft sophistication, go to Brix, which is situated in the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel. Read More...

  • Sentosa - Harbour Front Nightlife

    Sentosa Nightlife

    For those who like a sea breeze while sipping on a cocktail there’s nothing quite like the happy go lucky seaside location of Sentosa and the best bars take full Read More...

  • Holland Village - Dempsey Hill Nightlife

    Holland Village Nightlife

    Holland Village is one of the City-State’s most popular nightlife venues and is teeming with restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Read More...

  • Mohammed Sultan Road Nightlife

    Mohammed Sultan Road

    In the past few years, this once-forgotten back alley has taken on legendary proportions. Once a ramshackle row of old Read More...

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