Santa Grand Hotel Bugis, Singapore


Santa Grand Hotel Bugis

Restaurants & Dining

Singapore is known as a "food paradise". If there is one common thread that defines what it means to experience Singapore it would have to be our food. At any time in Singapore all tastes and dietary requirements can be catered to – from Halal to Vegetarian, Western to country specific delicacies. Compiled here are some of our personal favorites, so nothing more is to be said than “enjoy”. If at any time, you have any special requirements do check with our colleagues – they will be more than happy to recommend. 

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant (Halal)

Wonderfully fresh and tender chunky kebabs in all flavours – lamb and beef in particular are very very good. The seasoning is a well guarded family secret that has been handed down through generations since the days of travelling nomads in Turkey.

Coral Village Bistro

The fish head curry is really good. Fresh fish with lots of vegetables. Gravy is thick and spicy. Definitely value for money. The fried beancurd and bittergourd with spare ribs are nice too.

Bugis (Longhouse) Lim Kee Beef Noodles

Fresh thinly sliced beef with Kway Teow noodles and a spicy chilli sauce. Just perfect for that late morning snack or to warm your heart on a rainy day. The noodles must be eaten with a lot of hearty slurping and be sure to temper the fiery chilli with plenty of fresh Soy Bean milk.

Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo

Grab a bowl and a pair of tongs, then select what appeals from the fresh seafood, meat and vegetables laid out in front of you. Once your selection is complete, choose your noodles and the whole lot is cooked fresh in front of you. After that you can choose sweet or fiery chilli and enjoy. The soup is particularly delicious, and because everything is fresh and no oil is used it provides a healthy option.