Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, City Centre


Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

The Oriental Spa

As soon as you walk into The Oriental Spa you embark upon a personalised sensory journey; a journey to inner wellbeing that focuses on the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, sound and intuition.

The spa’s six treatment rooms include a spacious 62 square metre Couple’s Suite. Equipped with two beautiful Agape baths and a steam room, it’s perfect for guests who wish to share the experience of a refreshing flower bath or invigorating steam bath. The Couple’s Suite also has its own relaxation area with a comforting opium bed, a haven where guests can relax and sip a soothing cup of tea.

Tranquillity and harmony reign throughout The Oriental Spa. You can see it in the design of the spa itself, from its walnut timber flooring, Asian motif panels and traditional Chinese furniture. So lie back and relax, as your troubles float away and peace descends.


  • Private Relaxation Lounge
  • Private treatment rooms with attached showers (for certain rooms)
  • Spacious Couple’s Suite with attached steam room, Agape bath tubs and opium bed to relax after treatments
  • Yoga sessions

Open: 10.00 - 23.00 (Daily)


Step into a peaceful atmosphere dedicated to your wellness and let stress slip away with your first sip of our herbal tea.

The Oriental Spa merge techniques and philosophies from around the world, using pure essential oils and herbs. We propose a combination of therapies for guests according to your needs on that day.

Choose from body therapy, body treatment and facial therapy.

Body Therapy

Sensuous body treatments to soothe, relax and rebalance. Choose how you wish to feel during and after your massage treatment with the use of therapeutic holistic movements combining the power of Aromatherapy Associates blend of oils with the best of Eastern and Western techniques. Whether it is to combat jet lag, or to fully calm and relax yourself, Aromatherapy Associates blends of oils can help refresh and rejuvenate your body.

Body Treatments

Exquisite body treatments to exfoliate, stimulate and boost relaxation.

Face Therapy

Luxurious facial treatments to purify, refine and refresh.

Final Touches

Using high performance gentle wax for fast effective and painless hair removal.

Spa Programs

Our spa packages are luxurious and highly indulgent. Select any one from the list below and be assured of a calming and harmonious experience.

  • The Oriental Romance Ritual
  • The Oriental Bathing Ritual
  • The Oriental Best of Friends
  • Pampering Mother-to-be
  • Oriental Reviver Day
  • Oriental Relaxer Day
  • Oriental Indulgence Day